Guide to Texas and Austin Beaches

If you love the beach and live in Austin, you know we have the best of both worlds. With a variety of lakes and greenbelts, we have water and beach options right here in Austin, and if you’re more of an ocean person, we’re just a short drive from the gulf. Our friends at Austin Local have complied a guide of Austin and Texas beaches and is definitely worth checking out!

Our favorite local spot is Emma Long Park. Located on Lake Austin, Emma Long Park has a true “beach” shorefront. The beach is open 7 days a week and offers areas for swimming, boat access, picnic tables and grills, bathrooms, hiking trails, a small sandy area for kids, and more. To check out all of the spots on Austin Local’s guide, visit HERE.



Where to See Animals in Austin

Love animals? So does Austin! Ever wondered where you can go to see animals in and around the Austin-area? Thanks to our friends at Austin Local, they have an excellent article detailing the best spots for checking out anything from reptiles to an aquarium to panda bears!

One option includes Austin Aquarium, which includes far more than just fish! Come explore sharks, stingrays, a variety of amphibians, reptiles, lemurs, kangaroos and more. Another interesting spot is Austin Zoo. What makes Austin Zoo unique is that the more than 300 animals that come from other facilities that are being retired due to age, health or other issues; animals that were seized in animal cruelty cases; retired laboratory research animals; and exotic pets that needed to be re-homed due to changes in the owner’s lifestyle or the inability to provide appropriate care.

To see the full article and check out all of the places to visit animals, click HERE.


Multigenerational Living Trend

The multigenerational living trend has been a long tradition and way of living for generations. However, the idea of multigenerational living as having multiple generations of the same family living under one roof is a concept that is now beginning to evolve. We found a great article from Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging discussing the new trends in multigenerational living.

Developers are trying to come up with new ways to increase the benefits and successes of this housing model to benefit even more people. One such idea is a master-planned community model where older adults live in individual units all within a more urban and community vibe.

A great quote from the article explains the new ideas behind multigenerational living, “This new plan for intergenerational modeling comes from the tenets of New Urbanism, where the belief is that the surrounding environment matters for quality of life, economy, and public health. An ideal goal of this model is for older adults to be offered active lifestyles, surrounded by a vibrant, bustling community that is a mix of different ages and ethnicities.”

Other ideas include making it easier for older adults to age in place by making appropriate modifications to their homes, and making accommodations and modifications to community areas and parks, for example, to allow people of different generations to interact with each other as long as possible.

Source:,” Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging.

15 Decorating Trends Making a Comeback

We love fresh ideas for all things home and found this great article from HGTV on “15 Decorating Trends That Designers Say Are Making a Comeback”. Check out our summary of the 15 trends below and you can check out the full article by checking out the link under source!

  1. 80’s Style: Combining pastels, neon and elements such as graphic prints and oversized furniture. Think 80’s but more modern.
  2. Rounded Furniture: Trending away from minimalism and mid-century modern design, rounded furniture embraces more of the maximalism mentality.
  3. Peacock Chairs: These bring back great memories for those of us who remember these chairs and create fond new memories for a new generation to appreciate.
  4. Bleached Furniture: This design is trending as clients are wanting furniture to blend with their space without being distracting while still being bright and light.
  5. Pretty Passementerie: Tassels are making a comback – on pillows and draperies, both indoors and outdoors!
  6. Fringe: Fringe is super trendy when paired with a sophisticated furniture piece.
  7. Rattan Furniture: Rattan is trendy, but it’s more modern than rattan furniture of the past.
  8. Black Appliances: Some are trending away from stainless steel, and appliance makers are making appliances in different colors and finishes like black matte.
  9. Asparagus Fern: This fun and interesting plant is making a comeback from when its was ultra popular mid-century design.
  10. Green Anything: Green gives a room a sophisticated and lush, vibrant feel. Often pairs beautifully with wood tones.
  11. 70’s Style Wall Art: Using a rug as art, for example, is a nod to 70’s style-design when paired with contemporary furniture.
  12. Textured Wallpaper: Textured wallpaper design has made a comeback.
  13. Four Poster Bed: This design staple is always reinventing itself.
  14. Glass Block: Great for letting light in and providing privacy, this retro option is making a comeback.
  15. Sansevieria: Popular in the 1970’s and also known as “mother-in-laws-tongue”, this plant comes in a variety of options.

Source:,” HGTV.

What Makes Austin the Best City in America?

We found an interesting article written by Forbes and highlighted by the Statesman the factors making Austin such a popular city.

Over the last several years, it seems like people are talking about Austin more and more. The population, job market, and infrastructure have grown leaps and bounds in the last decade, making Austin even more in demand for residents and tourists alike.

According to Forbes, some of Austin’s top attributes include the rise in tourism, cost of living, and increase in new technology companies. On the tech front, Austin has emerged as a tech hub in the United States, no longer just Silicon Valley in California. Austin has seen a surge in large tech companies investing in large campuses including Apple, Google, and Oracle.

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Austin also boasts a highly-educated work force and Forbes credited the popular South by Southwest festival, a yearly trend-setting event bringing in entrepreneurs, film and music. Austin is also home to the University of Texas which helps supply an educated workforce. Also compared to many major cities, Austin boasts a lower cost of living which increases its attractiveness.

Festivals such as South by Southwest, Austin City Limits (ACL), the incredible natural beauty, live music, great food, and endless supply of things to do, it’s no wonder tourists are flooding to Austin.

To check out the full article, visit the link in the source below.

Source:,” Statesman.

Austin Swimming Hole Guide

Austin Local has provided yet another fantastic resource on creating a list of the best swimming holes in and around Austin! The unique swimming holes are one of our favorite things about living in the Hill Country, and are a great way to have fun and beat the Texas heat.

The guide breaks down the best 37 swimming holes within 10, 10-30 and over 30 miles from Austin! One incredible place to check out is Hamilton Pool, which features a naturally formed pool in a steep box canyon with a 50 foot waterfall! For more information on Hamilton Pool and to see the other swimming holes on the list, visit HERE.

Austin Ranked 4th Best City to Start a Business

Austin is known for a lot of things, including live music and being one of the hottest cities in the United States for housing. According to a new report from the website WalletHub, Austin ranked 4th among 100 cities studied for best cities to start a business. Pretty impressive! Austin did score as the #1 city studied for “business environment”. Factors determining “business environment” included job growth, startups per capita, length of average work week, and average growth in the number of small businesses.

Orlando, Florida took the #1 spot in this report, with Oklahoma City, Oklahoma coming in at #2 and Miami, Florida in the #3 spot. For more information on why Austin was ranked #4, check out the full article by visiting the link under source!


Source:,” Statesman.